What Are the Different Types of Escape Rooms?

To ensure the best experience possible, let’s take a closer look at the most popular adventure room types. 

Calgary · Publicado el: 15 abril, 2024

There is a reason why escape rooms are popular: they’re fun, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, and provide a fantastic bonding experience. However, given the overwhelming number of themes and types of rooms available, escape rooms can also be hard to choose. To ensure the best experience possible, let’s take a closer look at the most popular adventure room types.

1. Linear

Linear rooms require the group to solve the puzzles chronologically and tackle one task at a time, as each puzzle hints at the next mind-twister.

Best for: newbies looking for a team-building activity

Tip: Whether you’re looking for the best locked room Calgary has or attempting to find escape rooms Canada offers in other areas, consider the venue, theme, and size and age of your team.

2. Non-linear

Non-linear escape rooms call for a large group to solve different puzzles simultaneously. In the end, the group combines their individual answers to resolve the central puzzle.

Best for: large teams with some seasoned players

3. Mixed

Mixed rooms combine the best features of linear and non-linear experiences: the team still has to chronologically complete the central puzzle while getting the opportunity to work on smaller mind-twisters individually.

Best for groups that want all players to participate actively

4. Red Herring

Tricks and ploys lie in the heart of red herring quests. To enjoy the task to escape the room Calgary or any other location offers, you need to be careful about the clues you pursue, as many may lead to a dead end.

Best for co-workers looking to establish better communication skills

5. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can include elements of linear, non-linear, or mixed games, but what makes them different is that they’re less about strategy and more about gathering clues.

Best for groups that prefer straightforward puzzles

To wrap it up, when choosing an escape room in Calgary or any other country, consider your team’s experience. If you’re no escape artist, gravitate towards linear rooms and scavenger hunts; if you have seasoned players on your team, non-linear rooms and red herrings are your go-to.




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